• Research

    The research interest of the Department lie in:

    • preformulation studies of active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug dosage forms (including assessment of physicochemical properties, particle size analysis, compatibility and stability studies, specific and apparent dissolution rates, rheological and texture properties)
    • development of advanced drug delivery systems (polymer- or lipid-based nano- and microparticles for oral or topical and transfollicular administration, drug loaded electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering of vascular grafts, mesoporous drug-carrier system for enhanced delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs, microemulsions, hydrogels)
    • formulation computer aided design (DoE for optimization of drug formulation and evaluation of dosage forms based on advanced statistical analysis) and new process technologies (continuous manufacturing)
    • biopharmaceutical evaluation of drug dosage forms performance (using flow-through cell apparatus, biphasic systems, Franz cells, in vitro-in vivo correlation)
    • the use of qualitative methods and multimethodology in the field of pharmaceutical sciences
    • pharmaceutical care and interprofessional collaboration with health care professionals aimed to improve safety of patients therapy

    Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Prof. Janina Lulek is also the coordinator of H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017 Open Research Biopharmaceutical Internships Support (ORBIS) Project. More info regarding ORBIS project can be found on or Department subpage.


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